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Like A Girl, I Want You To Keep Coming (1989)

Like A Girl, I Want You To Keep Coming (1989)

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Artists: Debbie Harry, New Order, William S. Burroughs, David Byrne, Live Skull, PMS (Pre Metal Syndrome), Karen Finley, John Giorno Band, Henry Rollins Band

Label: Giorno Poetry Systems 
Format: LP
Released: 1989

Condition: Factory sealed

Side One

1. Debbie Harry – Invocation To Papa Legba (Electric Rosannoland Studios, New York, February 1989)
2. New Order – Sister Ray (San Paulo, Brazil, December 1, 1988)
3. William S. Burroughs – Just Say No To Drug Hysteria (excerpt); Dead Souls (Wichita Art Association Theater, Wichita, Kansas, April 10, 1987)
4. David Byrne – Song For The Trees (or) I Know Sometimes The World Is Wrong (Totem Window, New York, 1987)

Side Two
1. Live Skull – Tri-Power (B.C. Studios, New York, February 1989)
2. Pre Metal Syndrome – Living On The Outside (Fucked Up World) (Electric Rosannoland Studios, New York, March 1989)
3. Karen Finley – Party Animal (Harold Dessau Recording, New York, November 18, 1988)
4. John Giorno Band – It's A Mistake To Think You're Special (Living Room Studios, New York, January 1986)
5. Rollins Band – Hard (Wilhelmshaven, Germany, September 9, 1988

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