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Biting off the Tongue of a Corpse LP (1975)

Biting off the Tongue of a Corpse LP (1975)

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Label: Giorno Poetry Systems 
Format: LP
Released: 1975

Condition: Factory sealed


A1 – Gary Snyder: Anasazi / The Wild Mushroom / Avocado / One Should Not Speak To A Skilled Hunter / No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service 6:00
A2 – John Giorno: Excerpt From Subduing Demons In America 7:08
A3 – William S. Burroughs: A Top Level Conference Is In Progress 6:00
A4 – Charles Olson: Maximus Of Gloucester (Only My Written Work) 1:15
A5 – Ted Berrigan: Excerpts From Memorial Day 3:53
A6 – Ed Sanders: The Struggle 4:50
B1 – Edwin Denby: The Shoulder / The Subway / Over Manhattan Island / Disorder Mental Strikes Me / Suppose There's A Cranky Woman Inside Me 5:34
B2 – Helen Adam: Cheerless Junkie Song 2:45
B3 – Diane Di Prima: Ave 4:27
B4 – John Wieners: In Public 0:55
B5 – Robert Duncan: To Speak My Mind, We Convivial In What Is Ours 2:40
B6 – John Cage: Mureau 4:06
B7 – Denise Levertov: Life At War 3:15
B8 – Frank O'Hara: Having A Coke With You From "The Love Poems" 2:03
B9 – Kenneth Koch: Spring 1:33
B10 – John Ashbery: A Blessing In Disguise 1:20
B11 – Charles Stein: Seed Poem 1:44


Copyright 1975 Giorno Poetry Systems Institute, Inc.

Produced by Giorno Poetry Systems Records, 222 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

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