Totally Corrupt LP (1976)
Totally Corrupt LP (1976)
Totally Corrupt LP (1976)
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Totally Corrupt LP (1976)

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Label: Giorno Poetry Systems 
Format: LP
Released: 1976

Condition: Factory sealed


A1 – Charles Bukowski: Cloud Nine, I Live In A Neighborhood Of Murderers, Two Horse Collars 3:09
A2 – Ed Dorn: Excerpts From "Gunslinger, Book 4" 3:48
A3 – William S. Burroughs: When Did I Stop Wanting To Be President 7:07
A4 – Sylvia Plath: Daddy 3:43
A5 – John Giorno: Excerpts From "Shit, Piss, Blood, Pus & Brains" 8:03
A6 – Michael McClure: Jaguar Sky : There's Cruelty In Every Jewel 0:44
A7 – Michael Brownstein: Jet Set Melodrama 2:36
A8 – Jackie Curtis: You Are My Lucky Star 2:18
B1 – Ed Sanders: This Is The Age Of Investigation Poetry And Every Citizen Must Investigate 5:50
B2 – Charles Bukowski: Christ, You'll Never Know, The Closing Of The Topless And Bottomless Bars 4:45
B3 – Anne Waldman: Some Small Fires 4:06
B4 – Imamu Amiri Baraka: Hard Facts: Rockefeller's Your Vice-President And Your Mama Don't Wear No Draws, A New Reality Is Better Than A New Movie 3:37
B5 – Erica Huggins: For A Woman 0:59
B6 – Ken Kesey: A Brief Discourse 5:04
B7 – Jackson MacLow: Excerpt From "Guru, Guru, Gate" 2:05
B8 – Charles Amirkhanian: Mushrooms (For John Cage) 4:58
C1 – William Carlos Williams: The Yellow Flower (From Pictures From Brueghel And Other Poems) 3:02
C2 – Allen Ginsberg: Please Master 4:40
C3 – Imamu Amiri Baraka: Hard Facts: New York Is Everywhere Big 1:58
C4 – Frank O'Hara: To The Film Industry In Crisis 3:50
C5 – Taylor Mead: I Was In A Drugstore 3:33
C6 – Jackie Curtis: The All-American Vampire Or How The Bee Sucks 3:36
C7 – Jack Spicer: The Holy Grail: The Boof Of The Death Of Arthur 5:14
C8 – John Cage: Song, Derived From The Joiurnal Of Henry David Thoreau 6:30
D1 – Tom Weatherly: Mud Water Shango, Blues For Frank Swooton 1:42
D2 – Joanne Kyger: In All This Everyday 3:31
D3 – Charles Olson: Letter 27: Maximus To Gloucester 3:15
D4 – W. S. Merwin: Fear 5:23
D5 – Maureen Owen: When You're Down And Under 1:02
D6 – Jerome Rothenberg: The Opening Of The Horse Song, Number Eleven, A Total Translation From The Navajo 2:10
D7 – Ted Berrigan: Today In Ann Arbor 2:59
D8 – Susan Howe: There Is No Good On Earth And Sin Is But A Name 1:00
D9 – Rochelle Owens: Excerpt From "The Joe Chronicles, Part 2" 2:25
D10 – Bill Knott: Corpse And Beans 0:30
D11 – Tony Towle: New York Letters 1:25
D12 – Bernard Heidsieck: Stratimelo 2:00
D13 – Peter Orlovsky: Compost Piles 3:49


Copyright 1976 Giorno Poetry Systems Institute, Inc.

Produced by Giorno Poetry Systems Records, 222 Bowery, New York, NY 10012